Cookies Policy


This cookies policy ("the Cookies Policy") is designated to regulate points pertaining to the cookies on the Website and its Application. The Cookies Policy is an integral part of the T&Cs, in the hypothetical event that any contradiction arises between any provision in the Cookies Policy and any other part of the T&Cs, the Cookies Policy shall prevail.

1. Definitions


Files that we spread on the Website and our Application to collect some data about you. Such data can include without limitation: (your interests, clicks, visits, location, payments, website, your IP address, your associated accounts, and searches)

Third-Party Cookies:

Cookies that are spread by any third party (e.g. other websites, robots, other Users, any individual or entity that does not represent us)

Cookies Conductor

The software company with which we cooperate to conduct and spread Cookies for our benefit.

2. We use all types and kinds of Cookies. By using the Website and/or our Application, you expressly agree, consent, and authorize us to use all kinds of Cookies for commercial and/or non-commercial purposes.

3. If you do not accept our usage of Cookies, you shall cease and desist using the Website and the Application immediately and you shall close your account. Our silence towards any User who continues using the Website and/or the Application despite not accepting the Cookies Policy cannot be taken as an exception from our side for that User to use the Website and/or the Application without accepting our usage of the Cookies.

4. If there is any urgency on an exceptional basis that makes our Cookies significantly harmful to you, you can contact us, and we may give you an exception to use the Website without getting reached by the Cookies (if possible by technical means).

5. We are not liable or responsible for any Third-Party Cookies in any event whether such Third-Party Cookies are allowed by us or were spread over the Website by any means without our consent.

6. We are not liable or responsible for any damage caused to you by our Cookies. You hereby entirely understand, confirm, and accept that our Cookies Conductor is entirely liable for any such damages in all cases.

7. In the event that you disable and/or delete the Cookies from your device, we will not be held liable for any functions on the Website and the Application that do not work properly and/or any technical issues on the Website and/or the Application caused to you.

8. We are always entitled to close and/or terminate your account in addition to taking all possible Disciplinary Procedures against you if it is established that you disabled and/or deleted the Cookies without getting an exception from us pursuant to Art 4 of this Cookies Policy.