Privacy Policy


This privacy policy ("the Privacy Policy") is designated to regulate all points pertaining to the collection & retention of your data, disclosure of data, and correction & amendments to your data. The Privacy Policy is an integer part of the T&Cs. In the unlikely event that any contradiction arises between any provision in the Privacy Policy and any other part of the T&Cs, the Privacy Policy shall prevail.

1. Collection & Retention of your Data

1.1 Collection of your data.

1.1.1 When you sign up (register) on the Website and/or on the Application, you provide us with your personal and identification information (including, but not limited to, your name, email, address, phone no., and postal code) ("Personal & Identification Info")

1.2 We have the sole discretion to request more details and information to be retained with us for the purposes of verification and/or law compliance and/or transparency.

1.1.3 We use electronic means to collect another sort of your data (e.g. your interests, clicks, interacts, searches, favorites, payments, visits, etc.). By using the Website and/or the Application, you agree and authorize us to collect these data about you.

1.1.4 We are entitled to collect your internet protocol address(es) ("IP") by which you use to access the Website and the Application to use the Service. We are also entitled to track your movement and usage of the Website, the Application, and the Service. By using the Website and/or the Application, you acknowledge and confirm your consent to collect such data

1.1.5 We may receive some of your data of all kinds from any other User or any third party.

1.1.6 Your messages and all means of communication inside the Website and the Application are recorded, tracked, and collected by us.

1.1.7 All Users hereby accept and consent to our retention, processing, and disclosure of all kinds of their information and data.

1.1.8 All Users hereby accept and consent to the transfer and retention and sharing of all kinds of their information and data to any foreign country even if such a foreign country does not have the security level required by the governing laws of this regard.

1.2 Retention of your data

1.2.1 All your Personal & Identification Info are retained with us as long as you are a User on the Website and/or on the Application in addition to a period of up to two (2) years as of the date of closing your account for any reason. The same applies for all your information and/or credentials & qualifications requested before or after approving the registration of your account.

1.2.2 We may delete your Personal & Identification Info asl well as any information of any kind prior to the due date mentioned in the previous paragraph (Paragraph 1.2.1) for any reason, and hence we will NOT be obligated to keep and retain your data throughout the aforementioned period in its entirety.

1.2.3 All your retained data are securely kept and retained, and we are liable for any leak of your information caused intentionally by us. Otherwise, it would be a state of Force Majeure.

1.2.4 If you wish for your Personal & Identification Info to be removed from our storages and systems, you shall close your account and contact us requesting the removal of your Personal & Identification Info and/or credentials & qualifications requested by us before or after the approval of your registered account. However, we may continue retaining such data and information for any reason.

2. Correction & Amendments to your Data

2.1 You are entitled to correct and amend your Personal & Identification Info at any time, however, by amending your Info, you acknowledge that all your new information is true.

2.2 After requesting your amendments, we may request verifications to approve your new Info. Your refrainment to submit our requested verifications may be taken as you provided us with misleading and falsified information.

2.3 You entirely acknowledge that all your corrected information is amended on your own sole risk and that you bear all responsibility and consequences of such amendments including your new email address which shall be deemed as your new contacting valid address.

2.4 In case it is established that you amended your information with false information for any reason, it would be considered as misleading falsified information, and consequently you shall be subject to Disciplinary Procedures mentioned in the Terms of Use.

2.5 You may request to amend and correct any/all information received by us from any third party or gathered from your communications and/or feedbacks on the Website and/or on the Application, however, we have no obligation to grant your amendment request with or without supporting evidence.

2.6 We may amend and correct any kind of your data whenever we become aware of the correct information. In such an event, we may contact you asking you to approve or deny such amendments, your silence or failure to respond shall be taken as an acceptance from your side to our amendments, and we shall act accordingly. Further, in such an event, it may be taken as you provided us with misleading and false information, and therefore subject to Disciplinary Procedures.

3. Disclosure of your Data

3.1 We may disclose any/all your data to any third party who provides us with a court order or request.

3.2 We may disclose any/all your data to any government or arbitral or investigatory body if we establish or suspect your involvement in any crimes and/or prohibited acts by law including but not limited to criminal crimes, money laundry, and fraud.

3.3 We may disclose any of your data to any third party by virtue of an authenticated POA issued by you to that third party.

3.4 We may disclose any of your data to your national or international syndicate or association or concerned governmental authority for verification if needed.