This disclaimer ("the Disclaimer") is an integer part of the T&Cs. In the hypothetical event that any contradiction arises between any provision in the Disclaimer and any other part in the T&Cs, the Disclaimer shall prevail.

1. We confirm and assure that we are not liable, in any way, for any of the User's misuse of the Website and/or the Application.

2. We assure and emphasize that all Users use the Website and the Application at their own sole risk, we are not liable for any unexpected or unforeseen damages caused to you, nor we are liable for any acts committed by any User towards any other User.

3. The Service on the Website and the Application are absolutely clear, each Employer uses the Website and the Application with the sole intention of announcing their vacant job vacancies, and each Job Seeker uses the Website and the Application with the sole intention of searching and applying for Employers’ announced vacancies, we are not liable for any suspected or suspectable activities that exceed or contradict with these intentions.

4. We have no obligation of any kind to ensure that any User is using the Website and/or the Application for the sole intention of benefiting from the Service as indicated in the previous paragraph (Paragraph 3) and in the entire T&Cs, each User shall exert his/her best efforts and act with due diligence to verify any other User’s good faith with whom he/she intends to deal or interact.

5. Publishing any Employer’s job vacancy cannot be, in any way, deemed as confirmation or guarantee from our side on the safety or legitimacy or the actual existence of such a vacancy.

6. Employers agree, confirm, and acknowledge that Job Seekers are free to put their resumes/CVs without any verification from our side, it is the Employers’ responsibility to verify and ensure the truthful, accuracy, and genuineness of Job Seekers’ information of all kinds.

7. We are not liable for any other website's violations or acts of any kind even if its domain name, name, design, or any kind of such elements are closely or roughly similar to ours in a way that may cause any confusion between the two websites.

8. We are not liable for any User's leak of information and data caused by any other User or third parties, nor we are liable for any of the Website's and the Application’s unforeseen technical issues.

9. We are not liable for the job performance or non-performance of Job Seekers hired through us.