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This website (“the Website”) and its application (“the Application”) is the sole and exclusive property of Skatch Egypt Co. based in Cairo, Egypt.
This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement” or “User Agreement”) constitutes, along with the entire T&Cs, a formal agreement between us (hereinafter referred to as “Skatch” or “we” or “us” or “the Website”) and you (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “User”) whether you registered with us as a Job Seeker, or an Employer (the terms “Job Seeker” and “Employer” are defined in the Terms of Use).

1. By using the Website and/or the Application, you are expressly confirming and acknowledging your culpability of all Terms and Conditions (i.e., User Agreement, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and the Disclaimer) (hereinafter all referred to together as "T&Cs") and that you accept all provisions stated in the entire T&Cs to which you are entirely bound. The T&Cs are valid, published, and effective as from _D_ ___M____ __Y__.

2. In case you find any single provision in the T&Cs that seems unclear or not understandable, you are advised to contact us asking for any clarification. Hence, you may not, under any circumstances, exploit any unclear or vague provision to your benefit in any way.

3. The Website enjoys an absolute sole discretionary power to amend, cancel, eliminate, or add any provision/s to its T&Cs. However, in such an event, we will notify you with such an amendment, addition, and/or cancellation as a notice, such a notice shall have a period of fourteen (14) days ("Notice Period") after which you shall be entirely and expressly bound with the new amendment/s, addition/s, and/or cancellation/s without any exception.
If you do not accept the notified amendment/s, cancellation/s, and/or addition/s, you shall entirely stop and quit using the Website and the Application and close your account prior to the end of the Notice Period. If you are unable to deactivate your account, you shall contact us and we will terminate it on your behalf, but you cannot claim the difficulty or the vagueness of the account’s closure as an exemption or discharging of liability.

4. By using the Website and/or the Application, you guarantee and acknowledge that you are not under 18 years old, and that you have obtained the permission of your parents/guardians to use the Website and the Application. We are not, in any way, liable if you are using the Website and/or the Application whilst you are actually under 18.

5. If you represent an entity, by using the Website and/or the Application, you guarantee and acknowledge that you are in a rightful and legitimate position to represent that entity and the latter shall bear any liability of any kind should you commit any breach or violation of any kind. Further, you entirely indemnify us against any harms, claims, loss, or any negative consequences of any kind that arise from your breach or violation or misrepresentation.

6. By using the Website and/or the Application, it shall be deemed that you signed this User Agreement and that you entirely understand and accept all its provisions as well as the entire T&Cs’ provisions without any exception.

7. By registering on the Website and/or the Application, you acknowledge and confirm that the email address and/or phone number you used to register are your actual email address and phone number which you regularly and continuously check and review, and that any email or message sent to that email address or phone number shall be deemed as read, valid, and effective.

8. This User Agreement and the entire T&Cs are ruled and governed by the laws and regulations of Egypt. By using the Website and/or the Application, you acknowledge that the Egyptian laws, rules, and regulations shall prevail over any other law including your country’s laws in the case of any contradiction between your country’s laws and the Egyptian laws.

9. If there is a signed contract/agreement between you and us, the T&Cs shall be deemed as a complementary document to such a contract/agreement. In the event of any contradiction between the contract/agreement and the T&Cs, the provisions of such a contract/agreement shall prevail over the T&Cs.

10. If you are an Employer, we may (at any time) request any/all your official paperwork for the purpose of verification. Your failure to serve all the requested documents in full or in part can be deemed as an acknowledgement from your side that you provided us with misleading information.

11. You (whether a Job Seeker or Employer) use the Website and/or the Application at your own sole risk. We bear no liability of any kind arising from your usage of the Website and/or the Application in any way.

12. For avoidance of doubts and for the sake of clarity and transparency, you hereby confirm, accept, and acknowledge that the entire T&Cs form the full formal agreement between you and us, not this User Agreement only.